18 June 2017

20 Years ago today - MTC -

Twenty years ago today, I entered the Missionary Training Center for eight weeks of intense language and missionary training.

I was so excited to be there!

When I entered the MTC, I said goodbye to my family for the two years I planned to serve. Only corresponding through letters and a rare phone call for mothers day and Christmas. To see me off at the MTC was my Mom and her boyfriend, her cousin, my grandfather Mitoray, all of my full and half siblings, my Father and Step-mother and  Daryl, Joseph and Ann Wise. There may have been more but my memory has faded.

There are two types of missionaries in the MTC, those who gain weight and those who lose weight. From what I noticed the largest determining factor in predicting which you will be, depends largely on how frequently your mother cooked for you. Those whose mothers cooked for them all the time seemed to find the MTC cafeteria food disgusting if not mediocre, at best. I thought the MTC food was the best! And to prove it, during those two months, I gained nearly twenty pounds. I mean come on, all you can eat at every meal? I was in heaven. All you can drink beverage bar and my favorite, the all you can eat ice cream bar! Yum!

Here is my journal entry from June 18th 1997:

Entered the MTC today! It is so cool here!!! My companions' name is Elder Wright, he is from Pioria AZ. Everything seems so exciting , I'm really happy. I also learned today that I shouldn't eat too much because I got the runs today. I first ate at Chuck-a-rama at 1:00 then came to the MTC, said goodbye to my family, met up with my district and went to eat again in the cafeteria. Everything is cool, awesome and exciting. I'm all moved in. 
Well I gotta go to bed, its 11:00. 
See ya

The post from the next day June 19th to prove which kind of missionary I was:

We learned a lot today, BRAIN OVERFLOW. My name is Старейшина Вудбери (Elder Woodbury) Pronounced Star-yay-sheena voodberry. Having' fun, learning a lot. There are 10 guys in our district (44-E) I'll talk Russian  more to you later because I've got to go to bed. Overloaded with stuff to do. I'm also eating WAY too much, I better stop or I'll get fat.
Luv ya tons,
Elder Woodbury

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