16 June 2017

20 years ago today - Going through the temple - 16 June 1997

Twenty years ago today I went through the temple for the first time.

It is called "taking out your endowments".

Of the 50 temples available in 1997, I went through the Manti, Utah temple. Today there are 156 temples built and another 25 announced to be built or that are currently under construction.

Most temples play a video outlining the storyline and covenants or promises you make between yourself and God. There are a few however that still do a live session in place of the video. This uses live "actors". (Usually elderly volunteers). The first time a person goes through the temple, they are going through and making covenants for themselves. Every time after however, you go through under the proxy name of a deceased person who never had the opportunity to go through the temple during life. Agency being a critical component, the individual can choose to accept or reject this work on their behalf.

On this particular occasion, things didn't go smoothly at all. The actors made several mistakes with their lines and although reading the script, still made mistakes, making the storyline extremely difficult to follow. I recall my Dad giggling, describing how this kind of thing never usually happens.

I have to be honest and say that the temple experience kind of freaked me out. I wasn't used to that kind of worship and had attributed that type of worship as being satanic in nature. I concluded that it was not satanic but that the adversary mimics the Lord's type of worship. It's not the way you worship, it's how you live your life that matters most.

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