24 July 2017

20 years ago today - Pioneer Day Celebration - 24th of July 1997

Pioneer day July 24th. It's a lot like the 4th of July in that we light fireworks. It's just local. While I was in the MTC during one of the LGM's (large group meetings) on July 22nd, they announced that they were going to attempt the largest ever gathering of missionaries at an event outside of those at the MTC (about 3,800). This was to take place at the pioneer day celebration at the BYU football stadium located not far from the Provo MTC. We were going to make our way into the stadium and sing two songs with the tabernacle choir, "called to serve" and "faith in every footstep". Although missionaries that could actually sing, pre recorded the songs and were played over the loudspeakers. Not just for one but two nights. There was quite the buzz about it and we were to keep quiet and not write home to family about the event.

On the first night, the 24th. My district and many around us didn't even make it into the stadium before the two songs were sung. Although at the following night's event we made it all the way to the 50 yard line in the stadium. It was a really fun experience to be able to sing along with the tabernacle choir and to participate in something that had never before been attempted. We sang and everyone stood. I had a speaker blaring in my ear. Which was deafening. As I was making my way off the field after the songs conclusion, I was almost tackled by the mom of one of my little sisters, friend's, who had volunteered for the event. She was very excited to see me as she was proud to see me go on a mission. Even more so that she knew one of the thousands of missionaries there that night. I was sure that the mission rule for not hugging someone of the opposite sex would not have applied as it was more of a tackle than a hug.

Over 3,800 missionaries walking to the BYU football stadium. 

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