22 May 2017

20 years ago today - The Call - 02 April 1997

This was my journal entry for 2 April 1997:

Last Wednesday I received a letter from the first presidency. (Apr 2nd) It came in a large white envelope made out to Elder Woodbury. Elder. That is so cool! I wanted to open it alone. So I went into the back room, sat down and said a prayer asking my father in heaven to bless me to be happy with wherever I had been called. I proceeded to tear into the envelope. Among the plethora of papers, laying on top was the letter. At the top it read The first presidency. At the bottom it had Gordon B. Hinckley's signature, wow! The president actually read my letter, then signed his name to it. The Prophet! WOW! I began to read. Elder Woodbury you are hereby called to labor in the... I paused. I thought; Okay, this is it! Then proceeded. ...the Russia Moscow South Mission. Wooohooooo! I stopped reading and jumped up more excited than I've ever been, ran into the living room where my family was waiting and shouted it! Russia, Moscow! Everyone's mouth dropped open and smiled at the same time. Then my Dad shouted, "Wait! Do that again! I didn't have the camcorder ready". I indulged him. We went out for dinner to celebrate and I've been telling everyone since. I still get the same reaction from everyone. Their mouths drop in shock and excitement then come the congratulations.

I'm very excited to go and serve the people in Russia. Really, it could have been anywhere. I was just excited to be called to serve at all. I will get to learn Russian and enter the MTC on June 18th. My farewell will be June 8th. I still have yet to go through the temple. It feels really good to finally have a set date and destination. Somewhere I know, if I am faithful, I will be sent. I can't wait to help all those people. To live among them and do nothing but teach, help and love. I am very thankful to my heavenly father for helping me feel so good about having the opportunity to serve. I've been reading D&C, I'm at section 83 right now. The Bishop challenged me to read the book of Mormon again before I enter the MTC in two months. I can do it! I am learning in leaps and bounds. Wayne and Linda Peck have offered to go get a suit for me. That is awesome of them. Anyhow, see ya in another month. :-P

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